25th January 2024 as a day dedicated to memories across Europe

Italy, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Sweden, united by a thread: that of storytelling and sharing.

Six cities, six different countries, six events that simultaneously want to tell the same continent through stories and memories.

The next 25th January 2024 the MAE project Memories Across Europe will once again become an event open to the public and dedicated to the theme of memories and Europe.

We have chosen to organise six events in six different countries on the same day, at the same time, because we want this event to be a moment of unity and sharing as wide as possible, a way to keep alive the idea of MAE Memories Across Europe, to share the results of the project, to spread and multiply them.

Europe needs to remember and to remember itself, today more than ever.

 Memory requires complex reconstruction and preservation work, which is continually put at risk by tragic, disruptive and traumatic events for our society.

Such as wars and conflicts, extreme examples of the inability to relate and clear signs of how we are forgetting the history of Europe and its past wounds, the choices and values that made it a union.

The value of memory as a precious gift and a trace that guides us, a teacher that teaches us how to be a society capable of dialogue, of communicating, of telling in order to get to know each other, is vanishing more and more.

We have chosen to contribute to this complex work of reconstructing our memory with the MAE project Memories Across Europe and we want to continue to do so, with stories and thanks to stories.

The events planned for next 25th January in the different countries will be announced soon at www.memoriesacrosseurope.eu