MAE Project!

Memory is a great opportunity for historical knowledge, participation in civil life and social commitment.

The project Memories Across Europe has the aim to realize educational activities for adults and elderly people using the autobiographical and storytelling methodology, with a focus on some key aspects such as:

  • to contribute to a common and positive construction of the European identity;
  • stimulating intergenerational dialogue and solidarity;
  • to promote the mobility of adults and elderly people across Europe;
  • Encouraging active ageing and the empowerment of aged people.

Through the Memories Across Europe project we want to contribute to the new Erasmus Plus program, in reference to the priority “Participation in democratic life”: “The Programme addresses the citizens’ limited participation in its democratic processes and their lack of knowledge about the European Union, and tries to help them overcome the difficulties in actively engaging and participating in their communities or in the Union’s political and social life.”