MAE Results!

The results realised in the Memories Across Europe project include:

  • MAE Toolkit 1 – Workshops in presence
  • MAE Toolkit 2 – Remote Workshops
  • Training module for MAE Stories volunteers
  • MAE App
  • MAE Platform

Memories Across Europe Toolkits

The two toolkits contain descriptions of different educational activities related to European memory, based on different practices including autobiographical methodologies, digital storytelling, video interview, photo narration and much more!

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Training module for MAE Stories volunteers

This is a training course dedicated to all people who want to take part in the challenge of the story volunteers! Through 5 different training modules, volunteers will be able to explore the tools, resources and objectives of the Network of volunteers, and will be able to acquire new skills in the collection and enhancement of life stories.

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The MAE app is an innovative tool that accompanies anyone who wants to tell a story on a path of creation and storytelling guiding them starting from the ideation phase. Through the app, storytellers can get inspired, work on their stories directly from their mobile phones and publish them directly to the StoryAP website!

The app offers two different thematic areas. 

The first thematic area is called “My Europe” and includes the following paths:

– an object to tell about my experience of Europe;

– my Europe in a photo;

– my first experience of Europe.

The second thematic area is called ‘Stories of social change‘ and includes:

-a photo to tell an experience of social change in Europe;

– my utopia of Europe.

The MAE App is a specific pathway of the ‘StoryAP’ smartphone application, a choice made to offer users a dynamic experience, as well as to ensure the sustainability of this tool.

The App, available for both Android and IPhone, allows the creation of stories in different formats: photo, audio, video or text. 

 You can find StoryAP on the Playstore and App store!

MAE Platform

The MAE platform is a digital archive that hosts all the stories related to the European memory of all those people who have been involved in the activities aimed at:

  • building a common and positive construction of the European identity;
  • stimulating intergenerational dialogue and solidarity;
  • promoting the mobility of adults and elderly people across Europe. 

The stories can be in text, photo-narrative or video format; they can be autobiographical or biographical, i.e. they can be stories of other people (young people or adults) or personal stories collected by the participants.

The stories are divided into several categories, including:

– My first experience of Europe: 

– Stories of social change in Europe:

– My story in the history of Europe:

The platform allows registered users to:

– insert one or more stories;

– access materials to create narratives;

– consult the stories already present, according to different search criteria (by country, by theme, etc.).

The platform is created within the portal StoryAP, stories for Active participation, created by Storie di Mondi Possibili thanks to a previous European project, and managed by a consortium of partners, including the MAE project partners.

The MAE project has a dedicated space within the portal, to which the stories related to the project itself belong. Users who would like to upload a new story for the project can:

– Register on the StoryAP portal;

– Upload a story according to the instructions provided by the portal, eventually selecting the MAE project.

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Memories Across Europe  Book

This book is the result of the ‘’European Stories’’ storytelling award promoted by the Memories Across Europe project. The ”Memories Across Europe, Your memories are our memories” book was created to collect some of the stories that were submitted in response to the international call for narration and collects more than ten narratives related to European memory.

The book is a document of about 150 pages, available both in PDF and hard copy.

You can read the stories collected in the book here: