The winning stories – MAE AWARD

Six stories, six authors and six different countries, but with a common theme: memory and storytelling across Europe. The selections of the winning stories of the European Memories storytelling competition, within the Memories Across Europe project, have finally been concluded! We share with you the results and the stories from the European juries, among the many received from all over Europe with the MAE Award!

1) You will learn German, my daughter… Nie wieder Krieg! by Régine Florin “The author of this story immerses us in one of her particularly beautiful family memories. She tells a story about her family, and more specifically about her father. The son of an Italian, naturalised French, who was made prisoner, during World War II, in a Hitlerite German stalag.  SEE THE FULL STORY

2) Solidarity in Europe by Maria Ivanova  “The video story gets maximum points for originality and interesting story, relevance to the topics of the competition, and impact because it is well shot and edited, the storytelling is recalling a special moment of her life that is connected to a historical time and events relevant for all countries in Eastern Europe.  SEE THE FULL STORY

3) Once Upon a Time in Europe by Jana Beaca “We could relate to her memories and her freedom Being a European citizen. The Author reminds us what a privilege it is to be European.  SEE THE FULL STORY

4) I miei primi sei mesi in Italia (e in Europa) My first six months in Italy (and Europe) by Farah Khalilbiek “The story is really effective, both for the words of the story and thanks to the authentic images that the author herself has created in her own hand. We can therefore see a narration of himself in its entirety, starting precisely from a very delicate moment such as migration and arrival in a foreign and unknown land can be.  SEE THE FULL STORY

5) Meine Grenze, Deine Grenze by Zeynep Aydin “A true story of verbal aggression on the island of Cyprus divided between Greece and Turkey.  SEE THE FULL STORY

6) Stary Pies nowe sztuczki (Old dog, new tricks) by Robb Maciąg “A story showing the changing Europe seen through the eyes of a student and an adult. A story about Europe as a common home. About the blurring of differences between the inhabitants of individual countries.  SEE THE FULL STORY  You can meet all these stories and their authors at the final MAE AWARD event in Rome next November! Keep following the channels of the Memories Across Europe project, more information soon!