MAE Training Event

The MAE Training event, held in Berlin, from 22 to 26 June 2022, was aimed at the trainers of the partner organizations, with the aim of sharing project objectives and methodologies, and preparing local workshops.
The project Memories Across Europe has the aim to realize educational activities for adults and elderly people using the autobiographical and storytelling methodology, with a focus on some key aspects such as:
– to contribute to a common and positive construction of the European identity;
– stimulating intergenerational dialogue and solidarity;
– to promote the mobility of adults and elderly people across Europe;
Encouraging active ageing and the empowerment of aged people
In this training event we shared several methodologies, applied to the project objectives:
– Autobiographical methodologies
– Video interview methodologies
– Digital Storytelling.
We also introduced other storytelling methodologies through photography, collage, as well as remote storytelling activities.
A tangible result of this activity will be a program of free workshops, based on the different storytelling methodologies we have shared. The workshop program will be available between September and October 2022.