Starting from memories and crossing Europe with stories

The second meeting in Pieve Santo Stefano, City of Diary.

After the first meeting last June in Berlin, the organisations of the MAE Project (Memories Across Europe) will meet again from tomorrow and for a week in Pieve Santo Stefano, the City of the Diary, home of the partner Archivio Diaristico Nazionale.

Starting from memories, telling stories, crossing the borders of Europe.

The MAE project, which involves six European countries and 7 organisations (Italy, Poland, France, Germany, Bulgary, Sweden) was born with the aim of realising educational activities for adults and elderly people using the autobiographical methodologies of digital storytelling.

With the tool of storytelling and through the sharing of stories, the project aims at contributing to the construction of a new Europe, based on participation, international dialogue and solidarity.
The second meeting of the MAE project will take place during the week of the Pieve Saverio Tutino Prize, the 38th edition dedicated to Peace Seekers and to the repudiation of war and the commitment to respect human rights, from 15-18 September in Pieve Santo Stefano.

Twenty appointments are open to the public, including book presentations, meetings with the migrant authors of the DiMMi competition, the Lucia Prize radio diaries, theatre performances, confrontations and debates.

It will be an opportunity to present the MAE project and activities, to get to know each other and the important work of the National Diary Archive.
Here is the link to the full programme of the Prize: LINK