MAE training for volunteers and learners within the Pieve Memory Festival

The MAE training for volunteers and learners took place in September 2022 and coincided with the annual Pieve Santo Stefano Award – Diari in Piazza. The beautiful town of Pieve Santo Stefano and the whole region served as an inspiration for all the participants to immerse in the atmosphere of storytelling, story writing and video making. Listening to the interesting stories of the selected
authors, visiting the “Piccolo Museo del Diario”, exploring the experiences of the seniors about their first travels in Europe as well various aspects of their life reflecting belonging and social change; learning about the experiences of the migrants who are part of the DiMMi project through the collage workshop; and learning how to make videos were just some of the highlights of the programme.
The volunteers are now in process of preparing their own storytelling groups and we are all looking forward to hearing about them in the following months to come.