The EUROPEAN STORIES call got to conclusion!

“European stories”

All the stories collected crossing the European memory

Crossing the European continent means crossing its memory.

An often fragmented memory, sometimes a shared memory, often a forgotten memory.

Months ago, we launched the “European Stories” call for precisely this reason.

To reconstruct our geography of memories about Europe.

Memories that unite us or separate us, or whose existence we were unaware of.

Impressive historical events, or small personal stories embedded in the narrative of the big story.

 In traversing European memory, we have collected the unheard of or overlooked by the great narratives, the small experiences that tell what we were like and give us extra clues to understanding who we are today.

“European Stories” was an invitation to collect stories from different countries of Europe and ended just today, with the selection by several European juries of the finalist stories of the competition.

 A competition in which there are no winners or prizes, but there is the common aim of sharing and disseminating the stories of the people who live and tell Europe.

The countries involved include Italy, Germany, France, Bulgaria and Poland, the partner associations of the Memories Across Europe project (Storie di Mondi Possibili, Archivio Diaristico Nazionale, Sozial Label, Eic – European Information Centre, Mobilizing Expertise AB, E-Seniors, STOP – Stowarzyszenie Trenerow Organizacji Pozarzadowych) and many places and stories collected through numerous storytelling workshops.

The stories chosen by the European juries are the stories that tell all this.

Each story travelled from the different countries to the StoryAp archive, which today contains more than 850 stories from all over Europe.

Each story that has been told has started a journey, and will make its way to the final event of the MAE – Memories Across Europe project, and the award ceremony of the “European Stories” call.

More information about the event and the finalist stories soon!